My family didn't travel much when I was a kid. I remember a handful of small vacations - a weekend away to visit an amusement park a few hours away, a long road trip to another state to visit family, and some back to school shopping excursions in my state capitol.


While I had a very happy childhood, after seeing my husband’s childhood vacation photos and hearing so many amazing stories, I realized how many lifetime memories can be made through traveling as a family -- and I didn’t have those memories. 


We decided early in our marriage to prioritize travel and experiences as much as possible. With our careers and lives as busy as everyone else’s, my husband and I discovered how important it is to take time away from “real life” to relax and regroup….and make memories. In the grand scheme of life, we have such a short time with our children - and once they are school age, time is even more limited.

Exploring new environments and experiencing exciting activities together is an important way to strengthen family relationships. These reconnections can happen when trying different foods and foreign cultures, exploring exciting places, sharing in active adventures or traveling together in a unique way.


Our children (they are currently seven and two) have already made some significant memories! Their tiny feet have walked in the warm Bahamian sand. They have felt the cool, refreshing splash of the Caribbean Sea. They’ve experienced the awe of watching dolphins play from the balcony of our resort. They’ve giggled through a snowball fight (we live in Houston, so snow isn’t a regular occurrence). They have tasted the spicy heat of curries and the warm, sweet crunch of authentic beignets. And I have been there to watch and participate in every new experience right along with them! We have thousands of digital photos and physical scrapbooks of all our adventures, and we have spent so many rainy afternoons or lazy Sunday evenings looking through them and reliving each memory.

I want all parents and grandparents to experience the joy of traveling with their children!


I help busy families like my own share extraordinary adventures with one another and create lifelong memories through travel. I create picture perfect vacations for them that include true family togetherness and bonding experiences that can't be found through an online booking engine. Your time and memories are too important to be left to change. Use your vacations for the entire family to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with each other.


My impeccable planning services allow you to take the vacations you deserve.



I help you simplify the planning and decision making process and take care of all the details to make sure your family creates lasting, picture-perfect memories.


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