Why should I use a travel agent? Can’t I do this myself online?

Some folks have the extra time to research their options while some like to be in complete control of how, when and where they book their vacations. Others simply want the cheapest rates - and that’s perfectly ok! If this is the way you prefer to travel, then Postcard Vacations is not the right fit for your travel needs. I meet with my clients (in person, Facetime, or over the phone) at the beginning of the planning process to realize your travel goals - what do you want from this vacation? Relaxation, adventure, cultural learning, rekindled relationships, or something entirely different? And I attend to every detail along the way, so you’re able to fully unplug and unwind. I simplify the planning and decision making processes, which allows busy families like yours to have a much needed break to enjoy quality experiences that you will remember forever.

Do you work with VRBO, Air B&B?

When you work with Postcard Vacations to plan your vacation, I am responsible for the outcome of your trip. Simply put, since I am not able to preview the property, I am not comfortable recommending it to my clients. I rely on a worldwide network of colleagues and industry experts, as well as my own personal experiences, to ensure that I only recommend the best accomodations that fit within each individual budget. Details and service are an important part of your vacation and not something we leave up to chance!

Do my kids need passports when traveling with us? What about cruises? Does the entire family need passports?

If your children are traveling on domestic flights, a passport is not required. Everyone on an international flight will need a passport, even infants. Cruises do not always require passports (even for adults) but I always advise my clients to have one for everybody in case of an emergency that requires quick evacuation. If you’re dreading the entire passport process - don’t! Our team is here to help you every step of the way. Postcard Vacations will help you get the correct documentation and even have a team to expedite and stand in line for you if that’s not your thing.

Why should I get travel insurance?

Because life happens...and children get sick at the worst times! Travel insurance will reimburse you if you have to cancel for a covered reason such injury, sickness or death in the family; it also helps out with lost baggage, travel delays, trip interruption and illness while traveling. In addition, most medical insurance policies issued in the United States only cover you for medical emergencies in the contiguous 48 states. Travel insurance protects you if you’re injured while traveling outside of the US. Having travel insurance helps protect your financial investment.

When will I receive my travel documents?

Final travel documents are typically processed 30 days prior to your departure date. Postcard Vacations will present all your travel documents with plenty of time to review them together and answer any questions you may have

What about Zika? Is Mexico safe for tourists? What about traveling during hurricane season?

Since Postcard Vacations works primarily with families and couples, we closely monitor disease, security and weather developments in the areas where our clients travel. During the vacation planning process we consider all of these precautions and any other concerns when recommending destinations. After your vacation is booked, we continue to look out for you and keep you advised of any developments that may come up.


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