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10 Netflix Movies to Beat Social Distancing Boredom

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If, like me, you were in the path or aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, hearing the words "hunker down" probably triggers some PTSD. It really got overused during those crazy times, but at least then we could leave the house, help our neighbors recover, or social. Now I'm even worried that my Amazon packages may be carring COVID-19!

Social media and the internet in general seem to be obsessed with finding novel ways to entertain our kids right now. Honestly though, they're pretty good at entertaining themselves* while I am the one who is going to go stir crazy!

If you're tired of staring at your walls and scrolling Instagram, and you've already binge watched all the good stuff on Netflix (Love Is Blind is my current fave), these movies will give you a veritable feast for the eyes and start some daydreams for your next adventure. Not to mention, they are all critically acclaimed great flicks. Most, if not all, are on Netflix. And none of them are really kid-friendly - so plop the kids in front of Disney+ for a bit while you enjoy one of these!

Visit Paris!

Amélie - Get a glimpse of living like a local in Paris, especially Montmartre, while you watch a whimsical heroine changes the lives of those around her for the better while struggling with her own isolation. Sounds like something we could all take to heart during this strange time of social isolation.

Midnight in Paris - An unfulfilled career, irritating in-laws and an even worse partner...why wouldn't you want to escape? With scenes in both modern and 1920s Paris, plus hanging with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Juan Belmonte this one is sure to make you feel like one of the literati.

Travel All Over!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Great story and ending with gorgeous scenery from Greenland, Iceland, Afghanistan and more throughout. There is an older version from the 1940s plus a modern take starring Ben Stiller.

Spectre - I've never been able to get into James Bond movies, but this one drew me in because it features some of my favorite places including Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Austria.

Great Accomodations

The Grand Budapest Hotel - There are some deeper themes at play, but on the surface, get sucked in by friendship, loyalty and the amazing "service" offered by the famed Monsieur Gustave H. Oh boy.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Have you ever ended up at your exotic destination to find your hotel is less than luxurious? (If so, you need a better travel agent!) The Marigold ends up charming nonetheless. I hate saying a movie for adults is cute, but this one is.

Gorgeous Beaches!

Endless Summer - This cult classic from the late 1960s proves summer can last forever - with enough time and money, of course. The gorgeous, untapped landscapes of this documentary will have you daydreaming about your next getaway for sure.

The Beach - This is the one that convinced me of a Summer 2020 trip to Thailand (cancelled now, of course). Anyway, there's a lot going on with the movie, but oh my gosh it's gorgeous! Sadly, the bucket list beach featured closed a couple of years ago due to deteriorating coral reefs - but when you're ready to see Thailand's iconic water give me a call. There are fortunately some ecotourism experience companies you can adventure with guilt free.

Fall In Love with Italy!

The Talented Mr. Ripley - Although the town featured is fictional, this was filmed in some of my favorite and most beautiful parts of Italy: Positano and some islands around Naples. Young Jude Law on a beach also offers some noteable scenery.

Under the Tuscan Sun - If you haven't visited Tuscany, there's nothing else like it. You really do need to see it to get the full experience. And while romance isn't a genre I go for and the book is always better than the movie (this one is based on Frances Mayes' memoir), descriptive words just can't do it justice, so you need to watch.

*Need ideas for screen-free kid boredom busters? I made a chore chart and if my kids mention the word "bored" they get to scrub the baseboards. If they comment none of their toys are fun, they can choose a couple of them to go into the box to be donated. Both of those happened on Day 1 and there's a lot less whining now. Homemade play-dough, paper airplane contests and kitchen skills (teach them how to use a knife and let them go to town on produce that's past its prime). As I typed this blog post, my girls couldn't find the bottle of glue they used Monday, so now they have been tasked with organzing their craft supplies cabinet. Seriously you guys - we might be in this for the long haul, so have them do the things you don't have the time or desire to do!

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