• Chasity Munn

Cruise Experiences for People Who Don’t Like Cruises

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I hear the phrase “I’m not a cruise person” from people all the time. When I ask which cruises they’ve experienced, I often find out that they did a booze cruise to Cozumel senior year of college, went on a megaship with their extended family or sailed on a cruise line or itinerary designed for a completely different type of customer. My response to the not-a-cruise-person people is that they just haven’t found the right cruise for them.

Here are some of the more innovative experiences available that are sure to entertain even the most discerning travelers:

Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection stays true to the luxury brand’s exclusive feel, with a maximum of 300 passengers on each sailing. Passengers will get to explore smaller, less-touristy cities and skip the popular ports where larger ships dock.

Virgin Voyages by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has launched a fleet of ships with “retro-futurism” design and show-stopping restaurants. The cruises only allow adults 18 and older and have unique activities built into the itineraries - midnight bonfire, anyone?

U by Uniworld offers river cruising geared for the 21-45 year age group. The ships, activites, itineraries and even dining options have been designed with these passengers in mind. Included are local DJ sets, organized pub runs and quirky walking tours.

Norwegian Yacht Voyages cater to the true adventurers. Guests can scuba dive, paddleboard or kayak the ocean right off their ship! The fleet of four mega-yachts are being designed with sustainability and environmental challenges in mind.

UnCruise Adventures small ships promise to “change the way you see the world” with their casual and adventuresome sailings. They offer adventure, family, and charter sailings, as well as great options for solo travelers.

Have I turned you into a “cruise person” yet? Connect with me to let me know which types of cruise experiences you are most interested in. And don’t forget to get your free tips on how to travel like a VIP!

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