• Chasity Munn

Easy Tips For Traveling With Pets

Our dogs are now almost 12 & 13 years old and they were our first little traveling companions. Oliver’s nickname is Co-Pilot because he loves sitting right up front and has been known to try to take control of the steering wheel.

They have had to take shelter with us in the basement of a hotel during a tornado, worn life jackets at the beach (yep, we’re those pet parents!), and eaten their share of Whataburger on road trips over the years.

When traveling with pets, their comfort should always be your first priority, which sometimes means they should stay home. Pets are creatures of habit & travel disrupts their routine. See the tips below to reduce their anxiety and keep them safe while on the road, in the air, or abroad.

Plan your trip with an expert travel advisor. Vacationing with pets can get complicated, and a travel advisor will be able to simplify the process and take care of the details with your airline and hotels.

Take your pet to the vet for a checkup. Make sure to ask for a health certificate dated within 10 days of your first travel and copies of immunization and medication records. This is invaluable if your pet becomes ill or injured while traveling. If you have an extra anxious pet, your vet may prescribe medicine for anxiety and nausea.

Get a clear picture of you with your pet and save on your phone. In case the worst should happen, it will help you prove ownership. This GPS pet tracker is also great to have and makes a nice gift for pet owners.

Did you know some countries require pets to have a passport? They’ll need to have a rabies vaccination and microchip or tattoo, then your vet can approve a passport. Work with your travel advisor to check the requirements for each country your pet will be visiting.

If you’ll be using a travel crate, spend several weeks having your pet eat, sleep and spend some time in the crate getting used to it.

Request ground floor rooms and ask your hotel where the designated potty spot is upon arrival. Your hotel will also be able to suggest nearby parks or open areas where you can take your pet for some exercise, which they’ll need after a road trip or flight.

What are your biggest tips for traveling with pets?

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