• Chasity Munn

How To Celebrate Independence Day At Home

Now that we are almost seventeen weeks into staying at home, doing "normal things" without friends or extended family are becoming second nature. The Fourth is always a special celebratory day for us that culminates in our neighborhood's spectacular carnival. Since that's not happening this weekend, I've sought out some other ways to make it memorable and special.

HAMILTON!!! If you're not yet subscribed to Disney+, this premiere is worth it! I checked it out for all of my readers with children - Disney requires PG13 or lower rating, so most of the language is edited out. There are still two f-bombs, just so you are aware.

Traditional Traditions If you usually celebrate with a big extended family camping weekend and fish fry, as I did growing up, keep the elements that you can. Backyard camping and a fish fry with your household unit keeps some form of normalcy. We will be having a fried chicken picnic with all of the Southern sides and filling up a kiddie pool in the backyard for the girls. Top it all off with a batch of homemade ice cream!

Drive in Firework Shows I'm not a fan of watching exhibits from the car. Part of "The Fourth" for me is being in the fresh open air with ooohs and aaahs from a crowd, couples on picnic blankets and barefoot kids running around. But this year we will be making do by driving to a nearby show and setting up on the back of my SUV to watch safely.

Crafts & Decor If you don't have a flag in your front yard or patriotic bunting to hang from your eaves, pick up a few things from the dollar store to add to the festiveness. Waking up to red, white and blue puts everyone in a celebratory mood!

Whatever your plans for the weekend are stay safe and let freedom ring!

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