• Chasity Munn

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

My family is the poster child (poster family?) for travel insurance. We have experienced travel mishaps beginning with our wedding and lasting until I got involved in the travel industry and learned about travel insurance.

I am not an unhealthy person, yet I came down with a stomach virus the day before I left for my destination wedding. While I had an amazing time and obviously made lifelong memories, I had to miss so many of the planned group activities because I was sick in bed.

On a two week trip through Italy, I developed kidney stones. After spending an excruciating night awake in a lovely room in Lucca, I was told the nearest hospital to deal with my situation was an hour-long car ride...and that we would need to pay cash. We had neither a car nor that much cash on us!

Fast forward about five years. Our first trip to Walt Disney World with our oldest daughter. We asked my mom to go with us since she had never been. There was nothing in the world that would make us cancel this trip. Considering it was the trip of a lifetime for us, you’d think we would have protected that investment with insurance, right? The day before we were set to depart, my mom came down with the flu - even if she had been able to travel, she was still contagious and her doctor wouldn’t allow her to anyway. So about ¼ of the cost of that major was forfeited, as it was too late to request any type of refund.

The last major incident was a couple of years ago. We had booked a Disney Cruise a year in advance, leaving from Galveston, which is just an hour from our house. Besides sick kids, what could go wrong? How about my husband breaking his foot as we were walking out the door for the port? Poor guy . . . we stopped at a Wal-Mart and bought him some crutches, but the trip had to go on! We call his right foot “The Million Dollar Foot” - although I’ve tried to erase from my memory how expensive the on-board doctors are.

There are several other instances involving cancelled or delayed flights, lost luggage (once en route to a wedding), and illness over the years that I won’t bore you with. The point in sharing my embarrassing mishaps with you is that if I had spent just a few more dollars on travel insurance, every single one of these situations would have been zero stress. Perhaps not my wedding week, but I wouldn’t have had to spend time canceling activities and asking for a refund for myself if the trip had been insured.

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