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Things You Can Do To Be Productive While Quarantined

Despite the stress of not knowing what the future would be like, the first couple of weeks were fun. I knew we would be in this for the long term, but it was great to take some time "off" to relax, hang out in my pajamas and eat junk. I'm not even going to mention the insane number of memes sent to friends or the Tiger King binge.

After that first week, though, I got it together together and found some quarantine-friendly activities to keep me emotionally, physically and mentally healthy. In addition to keeping me busy, spending time building my skills will only help to benefit me in the future, once we're allowed to mingle and go back to "regular life".

Cooking, for the past several years at least, has been survival mode style. A schedule packed with after school activities and evening obligations, a small child, and a husband who is away a lot for work caused me to fall into the taco-spaghetti-takeout-drivethrough routine most weeks. Now that we are home I have been able to get into the groove of finding recipes and planning our meals, rather than relying on staples that our family has grown bored with.

I love cooking as a hobby, so I signed up for a couple of classes on The Great Courses website after seeing a Facebook ad. They have some led and developed by The Culinary Institute of America and I'm really enjoying developing my skills and learning some new techniques.

If you're not into classes, I love anything by America's Test Kitchen. Their cookbooks are amazing! My favorite is Cooking for Two. The recipes do make enough for our family since my kids are younger and don't yet eat full portions.

Exercise, another thing I haven't prioritized making time for in the past few months. There are so many options out there right now! I've been using The Formulaic and loving it. The classes are about 25 minutes each and incredibly effective. I also signed up for a trial on pVolve's website and it's a great option for anyone who cannot do cardio or needs to be easy on their bones and joints.

You can also search for literally any type of exercise on YouTube. Yoga, cardio, at home crossfit, learn to do the splits....seriously, anything. I like to do PopSugar Fitness family exercises with my children.

Learning a language or pursuing another interest is crucial and such a stress reliever! Duolingo is a great free online program that I'm using to learn French and teach my daughter Spanish. I mentioned The Great Courses above, they have an amazing variety. You can pay one monthly fee for unlimited access.

Saylor Academy has free college courses you can use to brush up or enhance skills you currently use, or just explore something else entirely. I graduated longer ago than I care to mention, so I'm planning on updating what I learned in my Marketing and Strategic Management classes. I'd also love an introduction to something I have absolutely zero experience with, like Philosophy.

A quicker, fun website to work your brain is this one full of logic games. My daughter's teacher sent it out as a supplement to their weekly assignments and I quickly got addicted. It's fun to do when you're waiting on hold or listening in on a conference call. It's also fun to challenge your spouse to see who can complete a puzzle in the least amount of time since the website announces your time when you finish.

Are you taking any steps to learn new skills or add to current ones? Do you find it helps relieve stress and make you feel productive?

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