• Chasity Munn

Unique Ideas for Making Your Family Vacation Memorable

Want to take vacations that your kids will be sure to recount, and maybe even recreate, with their own children someday? Here are the top activities I add to client itineraries and incorporate in my own family’s vacations, too.

Have a photo shoot on location. Whether you’ll be relaxing on a beach or seeing sites around Paris, hiring a local professional photographer is an amazing way to capture memories and literally bring them home with you. I suggest a couple of posed shots, then just allowing the photographer to do his or her thing while you do yours. These candid snaps will best capture the joy of travel and the magic of new discoveries.

Get in nature. There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors to bring a sense of awe to our surroundings and realize our place in them as humans. You can go big (safari, anyone?), or incorporate local landscape into any type of trip. One of the most inspiring and reverential moments I’ve experienced was spending an evening watching sea turtles scurry to and from their nests on a protected beach during a recent summer vacation.

Cook like a local. Cuisine plays such an important role in understanding a destination and culture. And sampling new ingredients and trying new dishes may lead you to find a new favorite food. Your travel advisor can help you find a cooking class on any vacation. Whether you are trying a new recipe or creating a family favorite authentically, your children will learn something new - and spending an afternoon in a local outdoor market and cooking dinner with a local is a great way to bond as a family.

Learn a new craft. Skip the crowded gift shops full of knick-knacks you’ll soon forget. Bringing home a souvenir that your family crafted together is a surefire way to keep your vacation fresh on their mind. And you’ll all be reminded of your amazing vacation every time you see your kilt, piñata, or dried flower lei.

Are you ready to incorporate these lasting memory makers into your next vacation? Click here to schedule a quick 15 minute phone call with me to talk about what you’d like to do. I have a network of resources all over the world to help you find the perfect photographer, activity, chef or craftsman for your family.

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